Tuesday, 15 October 2013

5 Sources of Inspiration (Part 2)

A while before the dawning of 12th of October, 2013, I was awake to piece together notes for my Live Telecast teaching for 7:30am; suddenly it started raining torrentially and my body earnestly sorted the care of my bed and duvet… But then, a sense of commitment to my producer, viewer and you won’t let me be - to deliver on the promise I made last week to continue my discuss on the “5 Sources of Inspiration! So here is the article:
Last week I started out with the first source of inspiration, which is - Deciding.
Deciding is the start button. It is the initiator that triggers the inspiration process. But once it’s in place, then you need to follow through with the next source that is – Planning.
The Great Teacher Jesus speaking to His disciples said (I paraphrase): “If anyone would decide to build a house, won’t he first of all sit down to determine what it will take to fulfill his ambition…”
Planning is a terrific source of inspiration. It gives limbs to the decision you have made.
It provides decision with the necessary ability for it to be effective.
Really it’s grand to start seeing on paper what has only had its existence in the mental realm.
Just reflect a bit about any of these experiences:
·         You being able to finally present the blueprint of your business plan to a potential investor. Gosh! Imagine the feeling!
·         Putting together the last part of your thesis or seminar as a final year student.
·         Itemizing strategies that will help you develop a habit or eliminate a weakness.
Listen, it’s so exciting to start committing imagination and belief to paper.
It’s like having a support system – “for the soul cannot think without a picture.”
The lifeline of deciding ends and begins with planning.
That is the sequence…
Not planning leads to the breakdown of courage.
Not planning breeds unpleasant surprises.
Lack of planning makes decisions vulnerable to extinction.
As Antoine de Saint-Exupery quipped, “a goal without a plan is just a wish.”
Or in the words of the sage Benjamin Franklin, “that by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”
Planning means you’re armed, equipped, prepared and schooled for the third source of inspiration…
POINT TO RUMINATE ON: “You can’t plow a field simply by turning it over in your mind.”

Authored by:Anointed Enoh

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