Thursday 7 November 2013

5 Sources of Inspiration (Part 5)

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Now, let’s draw the curtain on this incredible teaching series – the 5 Sources of Inspiration. We had done Deciding, Planning, Beginning, and Progressing; so let’s discuss the fifth source which is Achieving.

Governor Imoke, Barr. Asim and Anointed Enoh - Achieving
A boy sets out and enrolls for an entry exams into college. What do you think is his primary motivation? Very simple - graduation…. The day he will be rewarded for his efforts; the day he will finally walk the aisle not as a candidate but as an alumnus!
Or what do you think inspires a pretty young lady so much that she decides to embark on the demanding journey of a nine months gestation period with all the dangerous statistics of high mortality rate, unknown medical complications, physical deformation, etc. The chance that she could become a co-creator of another life! What an achievement.
The possibility of achieving is what inspires hope, engineers faith, and leads to the accomplishment of a set course.
The core motive of any undertaking is the nursing thought of achievement.
Just like the illustrations above, it is okay to say that every human is a goal-driven being. It is our ability to look beyond the immediate mundane and aspire towards something higher that gives value to our creative culture and sense of purpose.
Albert Einstein puts it thus, “that if you want to live a happy life, tie it to a goal, not to people or things.”
Achieving will definitely guarantee a high self-esteem. If you set a goal and then actualize it, then most certainly it will become a booster towards the pursuit of more related ambitions.
The truth remains “that nothing succeeds like success.”
 Well on the other hand, achievement may not always be attained, but always the desire to achieve will often serve as something to aim at.
But in all, the overwhelming fact remains “that you can reach that achievement; oh yes, you can get there, what you have wished for and what you have dreamt of…. If you will draw from the source of inspiration - deciding and the inspiration of planning, the inspiration of beginning and the inspiration of progressing, then you will know the incredible inspiration of achieving…. Of finally being there…finally becoming the person…finally accomplishing the goal.”
Achieving or achievement completes the cycle of inspiration we have been discussing!

POINT TO RUMINATE ON: If you’re bored with life; if you don’t get up every morning with a burning desire to do things; then you don’t have enough goals. You probably need to create an aim, discover a driving purpose, engage in a mission that will so earnestly motivate you to reach and accomplish something worthwhile. In that way your boredom will vanish and you will be governed by a new sense of inspiration!

Authored by: Anointed Enoh

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