Wednesday 1 January 2014

4 Concepts You Must Consider (Part 2)

Before I rush off to another topic let me dot down one more article to buttress what I had earlier shared as regards this amazing subject: 4 Concepts You Must Consider. Truth be told, there are things you cannot play elusive to, no matter how hard you may try. And I strongly believe these questions are amongst such concepts:
      1.  The Concept of Passion – What do you love to do?
      2. The Concept of Talent – What are you good at?
      3.  The Concept of Values – What is important to you?
      4. The Concept of Destiny – What were you born to do with your life?
It is no coincidence that a bit of the feeling of these concepts dances around our consciousness instinctively. I personally believe there is a reason for all these and that it lies completely within our onus to seek the appropriate response to all these important quests!
So let me just assist in aiding you address these concepts to your utmost benefit:
Under the Concept of Passion, I would say, “Reciprocate Love.”
Just respond to the love that you are feeling by doing what intuitively appeals to you. In the atmosphere of love, nothing is impossible. Love will engage all difficulties.
The Chinese philosopher, Confucius put it thus, “Find and do what you love and you will cease to work the rest of your life.”  And he was right!
Love has an ingenious characteristic, so be assured that there will be birthing of ingenious offspring. Just feed it and it will be expressed!
With the Concept of Talent, I would say “Developmental Mindfulness” is essential here.
It is not sufficient to be good at something; you must develop your competitive advantage that is, become skilled at what you are presumably good at already.
There is an adage that is true – “Talent is not enough.” Take the next bold step of refining your talent in something that has a more trendy advantage.
The enemy of best will always be good (the average), so stir the good-ness in you to become best-ness!
I would advise, indulge in “Consequential Thinking” when you are considering the Concept of Value.
Socrates quips, “before you act think of the consequence.”
The best way to ensure that you constantly uphold right values is to mentally process the outcome of every action before you act.
What looks good today maybe awful tomorrow; most grandchildren have spent a great deal of their life toiling to undo what their grandparents leisurely executed.
So think through before you embrace it as a personal value.
Lastly the Concept of Destiny, the simplest direct responses to the subject of what you were born to do with your life in line with our discussion is “Legacy Consciousness.”
If the thought of what you will leave behind after death hasn’t started haunting you, then you are just existing and not living.
We all were created to accomplish something specific here and you aren’t exempted.
There is something you possess all the qualities to do with finesse. Something you will naturally excel at if you just give to it a little of the attention you have devoted to only register presence in some other disciplines.
Find it. Do it. And the undertakers that will be hired to do your interment someday will be sorry why they have to co-deny the world the opportunity of never seeing you again.

POINT TO RUMINATE ON: “The creator has not given you a longing to do that which you have no ability to do.”

Authored by: Anointed Enoh

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