Monday 23 February 2015

The Virtue in Consistency (Part 3)

Hello friend! Trust you are having a fabulous season so far? Engaging all the graces and efforts to ensure you are fostering the course of destiny. To borrow the sermon of Confucius: ‘fear not that you are moving slowly; but fear that you are not moving at all!’ So let your creed be – no retreat no surrender, by all means I must advance the course of my life!  
Let’s look at the part-3 of the teaching we have been dwelling on this brief period:  The Virtue in Consistency. Hoping you draw inspiration from a line or more to help you further engage your elements on your journey to El Dorado.
Another virtue that a consistent personality communicates is a life-style that is governed with integrity.
A lifelong business and multi-billion dollar investor, Warren Buffet advises thus on the subject of integrity: “There are 3 qualities you should look out for in the life of a prospective employee or business partner – skills, energy, and integrity but if the last is not found, then you should as well forget about the initial two.”
Okay, at this point I decided to consult my dictionary for the meaning of integrity. Amazing definitions I found there:
     1.  The quality of possessing and steadfastly adhering to high moral principles or professional standards.
     2.  The state of being complete or undivided.
Wow! I so love these definitions. I strongly believe life should be considered a character profession, one where morality and right values are upheld.
A matured life should strive to attend state of indivisibility; where your ‘yeah is yeah’ and your ‘nah is nah.’
A point where your reputation is not distinct from your character; that is the personality known in public is not different from the one known in private.
This is what I consider the state of wholeness; where your reputation can walk into a dark room and still recognize your character in there.
A state where there is potency even in your sigh and men are certain that they can hinge their destiny to your promises and you won’t turn back at them.
Believe me, an integrity oriented personality may not be popular in contemporary society, but he or she will always be respected for his or her moral standard. Such individual will always leave a trail on legacy. History always acknowledges men of truth.
For this fellow, time always reveals the potency of such character and their traits are often associated with eternity. School books teach about them, adults seek to emulate them. Constitutions are drafted with their timeless wisdom as a core reference. In summary, they belong to the immortals!
An integrity infested life has enormous influence that doesn’t stem from position or title, but rather from the kind of life they have or are living.
In closing, one leader says: ‘your reputation and integrity are everything. Follow through on what you say you’re going to do. Your credibility can only be built over time, and it is built from the history of your words and actions’.

POINT TO RUMINATE ON: ‘Whoever is careless with the truth in small matters cannot be trusted with important matters.’

Authored by: ANOINTED ENOH

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