Friday 7 December 2018



Lately, the word of the ancient script, "...he who rules his spirit is better than he who takes a city," as suddenly made more meaning to me than ever.
Saddled with position of authority, either in a voluntary or involuntary system, sometimes we are quick to exert the might we are privilege to have.
But it must never elude us, that all privileges come along with the tag of enormous responsibility. One of such, is the ability to always delay showcasing the sceptre of authority at the slightest provocation.
Imagine a father going around his house to remind his children that he is their father because he's offended or a husband yelling at his wife at every argument they have, that he is the head of the home. In both cases he has lost it!
Self-control should be a constant guide. Evaluate the possible outcome of every decision you are about to take.
Don't let your emotions speak for you. Learn to guide and lead your emotions.
Don't be the kind of leader that seeks to show dominance, but the kind that is eager to serve even at the expense of perceive self-dignity.

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