Monday 9 December 2013

4 Concepts You Must Consider

It’s a nice moment to catch up with one another. I suppose you are having a thrilling time living and possibly doing all that you have wished. Well don’t mind the fact that I have chosen to be positive, considering that there isn’t a better alternative.
Okay let’s add some important vitamins to our knowledge artery and keep being hopeful that it will further nourish our mental capabilities to face the different organs of life. Just give it your best shot.
Some things are avoidable, but others are simply not, no matter how hard we all may try. Skulking we may neglect them for a while, but there they are always waiting for us at every major junction of life.
In thinking about this, there are 4 Concepts you must consider (also, pencil down as topic):
Expressing thoughts in 2D
The 4 Concepts are: Passion, Talent, Values and Destiny.
But before we proceed with our discussion let me share a frightening phrase by the Poet Ralph Waldo Emerson that I always love to reflect on; “few men find themselves before they die…”
What a bold assertion!
Hmmm…. With this phrase in view, I think there isn’t a better time to act than now. So, I guess these 4 Concepts will aid the possibility to find “Self” and fulfill essence.
Maybe for the first time you will have to be deliberate about providing accurate answers to these questions you will never really avoid as long as you are breathing!
      1.  Passion – What do you love to do?
Listen friend, no humongous salary will in any way take the place of your passion. What you truly and sincerely love to do!
It’s as simple as this, there is something you are passionate about doing. It may not pay much or may not even look publicly appealing, but be rest assured you will be gratified with the feeling of ecstasy.
Beyond the feeling of genuine excitement, it leads to a whole chain of benefits – creativity, innovation, motivation, streams of hope and fulfillment, all these you really can’t pay for them.
      2. Talent – What are you good at?
In the words of Dale Carnegie, “the greatest misfit in the 20th century is industrial misfit.” But I think this equally, is applicable in recent time.
“Why weep so hard that you are not able to sing, when you were designed to be a painter” says Chairman of the defunct Daewoo Corporation, Kim Woo Chong.
There is something you are wired for; something you are good at; something you were design to do. And you succeed naturally when doing it. Just imagine a fish out of water, every effort becomes futile!
      3. Values – What is important to you?
This is a concept that you must constantly review. You must keep asking yourself what is most important to me and of utmost benefit to humanity.
Your values inform why and how you do things. It provides the frame of reference for your life’s engagements. Values are the foundation for your actions and what characterize your becoming.
      4. Destiny – What were you born to do with your life?
Sincerely, this is a bit difficult to ascertain, but when you have a clear knowledge of what it is your Passion, Talent and Values truly are, then you will begin to gain clues of your destiny.
Destiny is the inner realizable purpose of your life. Well, sadly you can’t delegate the discovery of your personal destiny; it’s solely your responsibility.
But the good news is this; you are a creature of destiny. No matter the present status quo, you are important and much needed in life’s affairs.

POINT TO RUMINATE ON: “Destiny is not a matter of chance but of choice. Not something to wish for but to attain.”

Authored by: Anointed Enoh

Monday 2 December 2013

Why Give Up Now?

Hello. Sequel to my last post on The Reward of Perseverance, let me ask a question that will double as topic: WHY GIVE UP NOW?
Of course one of the best ways to equip your mind is to ask empowering questions; Questions that will promote the doctrine of resilience and trigger molecules of faith that makes any aspiration a possibility.
For instance, a well known fact remains that “money flows to great ideas, and the path to great ideas is through great questions.”
So let’s activate and energize ourselves by asking this one powerful question: “Why give up now?”
“Why give up now?” When no quitter ever gets a pat on the back…
“Why give up now?” When you have started trailing the path of stardom…
“Why give up now? When you are simply experiencing what others experience in the name of shortcomings, failures, etc….
The 19th century Poet Ralph Waldo Emerson quips, “that our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising up every time we fail.”
Another sage expresses it this way “life is not about how fast you run or how you climb but how well you bounce.” Bounce back with a greater wealth of experience.
Why walk away now when “perseverance is the secret of all triumphs.”
      a. Noah built the ark within 120 excruciating years!
      b. Thomas Edison sent his assistants around the world searching for a suitable element for his incandescent bulb and he did over 9,000 experiments to perfect his research.
      c. The authors – Mark Victor Hansen and Jack Canfield had their book “Chicken Soup” rejected by 33 Publishers before it was accepted by one and went on to achieve international prominence.
      d. The 66year old retiree and social welfare receiver – Colonel Sanders got so use to hearing “No” to his chicken recipe before Kentucky Fried Chicken became a global phenomenon.
My question again is “why give up now?”
“Rise and rise again until lambs become lions” says Robin Hood.
Hear Charles Spurgeon on why you should never contemplate throwing in the towel: “for by perseverance the snail reached the ark.”
On October 29, 1941 UK Prime Minister Winston Churchill visited Harrow School to hear the traditional songs he had sung there as a youth, as well as to speak to the students. When he was invited to give a speech, Churchill stood before the students and said:
“The pessimist sees the problems in every opportunity, whereas the optimist sees the opportunity in every problem. Never give in; never give in; never; never; never; never – in anything. Great or small, large or pretty, never give in except to conviction of honour and good sense.”
So school yourself with every reason not to give in!

POINT TO RUMINATE ON: “Age wrinkles the body. Quitting wrinkles the soul.”

Authored by: Anointed Enoh