Thursday 2 April 2015

The Moment Will Come (Part 1)

Hey! And thank you for visiting this blog. Let me begin by asking you some empowering questions: “Within the days and weeks that have passed, would you say you are making any form of progression? How have you been fairing with your goals? What setbacks are you experiencing and how are you routing your way out of it?
These kinds of engagements will spark personal resolves to further improve your personal capacity.
A recent incident prompted me to come up with the topic we will be sharing today: THE MOMENT WILL COME.
Found Treasure
Everyone always ask secretly, “when will my turn (moment) come? As a matter of fact most people hold the myth that “those” glorious moment are the exclusive privilege of a few persons.
A leader once remarked: “No man is born into this world whose job is not born with him.” Meaning nobody is without a moment of great opportunity where he or she will showcase inherent competence.
A sage once said and I paraphrase, “that the good Lord, he believes didn’t create any one of us to be ordinary, nor have common moments.”
Instinctively, every life naturally craves for that moment – the moment when he or she is set apart and adored with the priceless gifts of life.
Listen! That moment always comes – that’s if it hasn’t come already.
‘To every life fortune will definitely visit at least once’, says Orison Swett Marden.  But your daily transactions inches you closer or further away from those fortunate moments.
The problem is that we fail to recognize it when it appears, because we are ill prepared for it.
There never was a day that did not bring its own opportunity… the true remains that all our actions are either drawing us closer or further taking us away from that moment.
“Opportunities! Every life is full of them.” What seems ordinary may be the extra-ordinary moment you have been seeking for all alone.
‘The lack of opportunity’ they say, ‘is ever the excuse of a weak and un-deciding mind.
Here is a story that shows why people miss out on opportunity: A visitor once got into an art studio and was shown many human-like features. When he saw one whose face was concealed by hair and which had wings on its feet. Then he asked, “What is its name?” “Opportunity,” replied the artist; “Why is the face hidden?” The visitor asked, “Because men seldom know him when he comes to them,” was the reply. Again he asked, “Why has he wings on his feet?” “Because he is soon gone and once gone, cannot be overtaken.”
That moment always comes. Maybe because of the masked face and sift feet, you (we) often never capture it and it quickly goes just like it came. So I advocate that just as we are eager to achieve success, we should equally seek to sharpen our ability to recognize opportunities and seize them; because ability without opportunity will definitely lead to frustration.
Look around... that common situation may be all the lead to that uncommon achievements that you so long to get. Again I say, opportunities! Every life is full of them.

POINT TO RUMINATE ON: 'There is nobody whom fortune does not visit once in his life, but when she finds he is not ready to receive her, she goes in at the door and out of the window.'

Authored by: ANOINTED ENOH

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