Monday 2 February 2015

The Virtue in Consistency (Part 1)

Hello friend. How has it been so far? Have your dreams fallen into place or are you still anticipating?  May be a little more effort or endurance is all you may need for the difference to be visible; that demarcation between victory and defeat.
All the same, am glad you took out the time to open this article and am hopeful you will walk away with a life transforming phrase.
Pattern Chairs
Very quickly, try to imagine your last experience with your local cobbler or tailor, am sure it wasn’t a pleasant one. Why? If I may ask!
I hear a screamer – “Why?” your initial responses most likely will be and then you may begin to narrate:
“I missed out on a great opportunity because my cobbler refused to return my shoes on time as agreed.”
“I had an organization boycott a very important meeting with me because the tailor delayed to deliver on the material that had the dress code for the event.”
Well, I believe if we stay on this question of “why”, I will definitely get tonnes of unhappy responses from you.
Okay let’s do it the other way round;
Imagine a cobbler or tailor that keeps always to the deal. Gives you a pickup date and by the time you are there all is set and ready for pick!
Exercise your imagination a little further, what will happen to that fellow’s business or what will be the public perception of this fellow?
Overtime this fellow will be associated with the word - consistency.
You can write down as topic: The Virtue in Consistency.
Now imagine living a predictable or consistent life, where your “yea is yea” and your “nah is nah.”
A life where history seeks to engrave your character on the marble of ages…
A life where decades of public opinion are – “you can as well blindly deal with him, for he’s worth every pinch of his word.”
A life where people are not afraid of who you are because they already know who you are!
Once again, imagine what a beautiful and adorable personality this is. You know what – it can be you!
Listen; there is no virtue in being unpredictable. When I was much younger with bursting tendencies of puberty all evidenced around me; I used to think it was stylish or fashionable to front that attitude where I brag about - “people not knowing me” or “what am capable of doing” at the sight of a slight provocation.
Just a quick one, how does this sound? In my opinion, not really nice! Not someone I will want to transact a business with, recommend or make reference to at any given time.
Come to think of it, what do you assume branding is? Certainty, consistency, guaranty, etc. These are a few words to describe this virtue. So you see, there is virtue in a consistent personality. It’s just fine to be a predictable individual. 
POINT TO RUMINATE ON: "Truth is heavy, so few men carry it." – Jewish Proverb

Authored by: ANOINTED ENOH 

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